Shea Butter


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Ghanian pure shea butter in either 7 oz or 15 oz. Stored in the freezer until you buy to ensure maximum freshness.

Description from the manufacturer: Organic raw shea butter our organic shea butter is the same ingredient popularly used in so many skin and hair products – except this is 100% pure shea butter organic shea butter benefits: Quickly penetrates the skin to immediately protect and infuse with rich lasting moisture deeply nourishes and hydrates dry scalp or damaged hair – helping to reduce dryness and flakiness 100% natural, paraben free, no added fragrance or color essential fatty acids and nutrients in shea butter help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines supplies nutrients to maintain elasticity and a soft, even texture. Helps with dry skin, rough patches, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, chapped lips and cuticles great for diy skin care our shea butter is used by many diy skin care and hair care pros very fresh african shea butter from ghana – see batch number up top does not clog pores, hypo-allergenic, absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel oily shea butter is non-comedogenic (unlike cocoa butter)

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15 oz, 7 oz