Natural Stone Waistlet in Green and Blue


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This natural stone waistlet includes glass beads and natural, undyed stones, and silver plated crab clasps on both ends of the strand so that you can adjust the size. The entire length of the strand is just under 48 inches.

Stones included are malachite (main stone), lapis lazuli, howlite, and agate. Malachite is protective against radiation and negativity, and it aids in emotional and sexual balance. Lapis Lazuli makes the wearer feel calm and increases ability to discern truth. Howlite is a purifying stone and raises the vibration of the wearer. This agate is from Australia and comes in brown and tan tones, benefiting the wearer by cleansing energy and focusing the mind. Wear this waistlet for its beneficial qualities as well as its beauty! All of our stones have been energetically cleaned with salt and sun and moon light.

All proceeds of JAH CHILDREN NPO shop go to our mission to house and educate African Children. Support our organization while adding treasures to your home and wardrobe! Your purchase may be tax deductible.



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Dimensions 14 × 12 × 3 cm