Natural Stone Pendant Mala with natural stones and tassel


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Pendant is a natural stone mined in Southern California with inclusions of smoky quartz and a mauve tassel, and necklace with natural stones, Handmade. Condition is New.

Cord in very strong illusion cord with natural stones of strawberry quartz (main stone), redwood stone, faceted labradorite, garnet, wood beads, copper beads handmade in Ethiopia, and glass beads in pink and red hues. Strawberry Quartz is a grounding, calming stone that brings love into your life. Redwood stone is petrified wood and helps with grounding and staying connected to Earth energies. Labradorite protects from negative energy and promotes great healing. Garnet aids circulation and intensifies feelings of passionate love. Copper cleans the blood and aids in circulation. Mala contains 109 beads plus the pendant stone. Wear this necklace for its beneficial qualities as well as its beauty! All of our stones have been energetically cleaned with salt and sun and moon light.

This pendant and necklace is one-of-kind and handmade. No other exact replica exists. You receive exactly what is in the picture (the necklace only, no other surroundings).

Pendant is about 1.25 in x 0.75 in
Length of cord is about 40 inches, with the length of the hanging pendant and tassel at 5 inches. It is long enough to put over the head + hair (long dreadlocks too).

All proceeds of JAH CHILDREN NPO shop go to our mission to house and educate African Children. Support our organization while adding treasures to your home and wardrobe!

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